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About Us

Mission Statement

At Head Salad, we strive to inspire and nurture the growth of healthy minds.  

We are a wellbeing and resilience education company, based in Chester, delivering fun, innovative workshops to children in schools and youth groups across Merseyside and Cheshire.

Children's mental health is increasingly recognised as a growing problem but we believe that everyone can benefit from a healthier mind. We believe that by exploring proven, psychology-based principles in a fun and positive way, we all can develop wellbeing and resilience for ourselves and our communities.  

What the participants think

Jess age 11

 “Head salad has helped me change my outlook by allowing me to see the good things over the bad”     

Alex age 11

“I have felt happier as I have learnt about how my feeling affect me and how to explain the way I think”

Chloe age 12

“My favourite thing about head Salad is that it has helped me make friends with people which has built my confidence”

Charlie age 12

“Head Salad has given me the tools to deal with tough emotional situations”

Aaron age 13

“I have felt able to talk a lot more as there are less people”  

David age 13

"I have learnt not to dwell on the things I think about that are not true” 


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