About Us

Dr Thomas Micklewright, MBBS

  I'm Tom, a General Practice Registrar (Medical Doctor) with a special interest in mental health. I currently split my time between work in a Cheshire General Practice  and my work as Medical Director at Head Salad. 

  • Bachelor Degree in Medicine and Surgery, Newcastle University 
  • Medical Leadership Fellow, Health Education North West
  • Clinical Entrepreneur, NHS England
  • Globe-trotter and board games enthusiast

Jamie Houslay, BSc Hons, PGCE

I've worked as a secondary school science teacher for 4 years now. A particular highlight of my career was nurturing the emotional and social development of pupils in my tutor group. This developed the idea behind Head Salad. One of my core beliefs in life is that we can support our own wellbeing by investing in the wellbeing of the comunity and people closest to us.

  • Secondary school science teacher for 3 years
  • 7 years working with an international children’s organisation promoting diversity and equality