About Us

The nationwide issue...

You've all heard the news and read the headlines; "1 in 5 children have symptoms of depression", "Rates of depression and anxiety in teenagers have sky rocketed by 70% in 25 years" and "75% of Head teachers say they don’t have the resources they need to provide the mental health support their pupils need". To name but a few! Head Salad looks at tackling these issues with innovative intervention workshops.

How it works

Because we think that experiential learning is effective and fun, it is at the core of all our Activities. We find it helpful to think of it as a four step process; do the activity, reflect on the activity, generalise the learning and  apply the learning to real life.

What we provide...

  A structured, experiential learning programme delivering: 

  • Wellbeing and resilience training
  • Foundation in evidence based self help psychology
  • Positive long term impact on our wider community.